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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 27, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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adam may has the latest on the investigation. adam? >> reporter: denise, earlier today, police told me that they are focusing on in on -- in on a possible suspect who knew one of the victims. as for that expert, we talked to a legal expert today. and he believes police did everything they could. >> reporter: in the 4300 block of nicholas avenue, a look inside the scene of a triple murder in arson, revealed smoke- covered wall, where one of the victims was shot in the head. two others were shot on the second floor, including the homeowner's 37-year-old daughter. >> she was still breathing when they did get her out. she died at the hospital. >> many neighbors feel that way because one neighbor called 911 to report gunshots two hours before the arson. police say they checked the house, then left, after failing to see signs of trouble. >> we have to be very careful not to judge what these officers did with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.
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>> reporter: criminal defense attorney, andy levy. >> the -- if the call had come from inside the house, i think police probably would have erred on the side of trying to go inside the house. >> reporter: one of the things investigators want to know is as responders were knocking on the front door, was the killer still inside? >> what's optimistic is we do have good physical evidence at the scene. >> reporter: police have strong leads, despite what may have been a close call catching the victim before the fire. both had a criminal record. police are focusing on someone who knew them. >> i feel sorry for the family that has to go through so much. >> reporter: and the 58-year- old homeowner who perished in this murder and fire may have been an innocent victim in all of this. police say he did not have any criminal record. live at police headquarters, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> the names of the victims have not yet been released. >> reporter: a decade in
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prison. that's the sentence for a man who killed a city police officer, in a fight over a parking space. he have this information. sian james was given the maximum sentence for the death of detective brian steveson. the 27-year-old had been charged with murder, but in april, a jury had convicted him of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say he tossed a piece of concrete at steveson. his attorney said he was acting out of self-defense because he feared steveson would shoot him and his friends. defrauding taxpayers out of thousands of dollars. the u.s. attorney says it stems from heart operations he performed unnecessarily. wjz is live. mike hellgren is on top of this investigation. >> denise, the u.s. attorney says dr. john mclean violated the trust of his patients and falsified medical records to
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build a government for procedures they did not need. >> reporter: dr. john mclean faces prison time, after a federal jury convicted him of defrauding medicare and medicaid, out of thousands of dollars. among other things, the government accused him of placing unnecessary stents in more than 200 patients on the eastern shore. his case is just the latest putting north dakota at -- maryland in the center of a national debate on whether using devices to open up are overused. telefate and doctor dan morheim is under new maryland law that places strict and specific 49s on all operations -- guidelines on all operations. >> i think the key thing is we're confident on all standards. >> if there is any process that does not pass muster, it can be taken into conformance with the
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law. >> reporter: the controversy over stents exploded after cardiologist mark midei faced accusations he performed hundreds of unnecessary stent pragues at st. joseph's. >> what i did is what i would have wanted for myself. >> reporter: he denied that -- he had his medical license stripped. >> doesn't deserve to have his license. >> reporter: as for this, the u.s. attorney wants him to pay back $700,000. he faces up to 35 years in prison. >> people have to be assured and have as much confidence as possible that things are being done for the right reasons and not for any other reasons. >> reporter: and the delegate says people should always be free to seek second opinions and make sure they're comfortable with any diagnosis. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. denise? >> thank you, mike. dr. mclean will be sentenced in september. it is the official start of
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ravens training camp. it will be a crash course before the season begins in just weeks. wjz is live in owings mills. sports director mark viviano has more. mark? >> reporter: how are you doing? the ravens players are huddled in meetings as we speak. and yes, the quarterback has arrived. joe flacco is here. i had a chance to talk with him earlier today. he is entering in his fourth year as a professional. and what a season as all of them dealt with this contentious lockout. flacco made contentious comments, complaining of a lack of contract. and flacco complained about the loss of two teammates as the ravens cut todd heap and derrick mason. i asked him if it affects him at all? >> any time you're doing something for a living, and money is involved, there's always a business side to it. but the bottom line is, when you're on the practice field or
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out there sunday, it doesn't affect the way you play football and the way you approach it. you still approach it. it's a lot of fun. it's a lot of fun to go out here and run around on grass fields every day for a living. >> reporter: as an nfl quarterback, flacco knows he will always be the center of attention. this off season, he heard the critics that flacco is not an elite quarterback. he's not championship caliber. flacco is fired up by that talk. >> i don't really understand that. people are going to do it. what motivates me is being the best quarterback in the world. you don't play this game to be average. i don't play this game to be average. i play this game to be the best. and doesn't matter what other people say. i think i'm pretty damn good. >> reporter: tough, confident talk from joe flacco, who says he's in the best shape of his life. he's been working out daily at his home in new jersey. and yes, yesterday, on his left hand, he was sporting that shiny new wedding ring. and he says for those of you
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who have seen some of his wedding photos, including the hiking of the football, joe wants us all to know, that was not had his idea. >> yeah, stick to this story, joe. thank you, mark. appreciate it. we will bring you team updates, interviews and the latest players signed and cut. last week's heat wave scorched the baltimore area. and tonight, we are learning it was also deadly. wjz is live at first warning weather coverage. monique grioago -- griego has more on how you can prepare. >> reporter: so far this year, nine people have died from heat- related causes. and with temperatures on the rise again, state leaders want to make sure that number does not go up. >> reporter: for 84-year-old margaret schmidt, 100-degree temperatures can mean an emergency trip to the emergency room. >> if you stay in the heat long enough, you'll get dizzy. because it will take your oxygen away from you. >> reporter: maryland health
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officials say last week, three people died from heat-related conditions, bringing the total to nine for the year. state leaders released information about the victims. only saying one was an elderly victim. the other were men between the ages of 45 and 64 and all of them had underlying medical conditions. >> we always say the most vulnerable folks are the people with preexisting medical conditions, people living alone, people living particularly without air conditioning. >> reporter: last week alone, 478 people went to emergency rooms with heat-relate ed -- heat-related illnesses. last friday saw the highest number. >> anybody can get in trouble with the heat. and that includes people without preexisting conditions. >> reporter: dr. mitchell says stay hydrated, try to stay in the shade. and don't forget to check on people who may need your help. >> does that feel better? >> yeah, a little bit. >> reporter: margaret always checks to mick sure -- make
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sure her neighbors are okay. and she encourages others to do the same. >> always check out for them. because you never know what could happen. >> reporter: and out of the 95, there was one person who didn't have any other medical problems. >> first warning weather coverage continues with meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk. >> still have a few more days. looks like july will get its last kicks, with hot weather coming back. particularly on friday. this afternoon, dry. it was warm. 89 now. but the dew point at 55. that means 89 degrees here. actually feels a little cooler. feels like 87. going in reverse. that's because of the dry air and the low dew points. however, that is going to change over the next few days. we have more heat and humidity. particularly here on friday and again on saturday. but may see some storms. bernadette is in the outback with a look at how many 90- degree days we've seen this summer. >> this is what we attracted a
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lot last year. because it was record-breaking summer on all accounts. now, as far as this year it's, we -- goes, we started cranking up the heat this month. 90 degrees or higher, we've hit that 30 times this year. average high is -- amount is 30 days. so we're already there. 20 days in july have been at 90 degrees or higher. we know there was a stretch of three of them at 100 or higher. looks like the next few few days, we'll be adding to this statistic. >> thank you, bernadette. lawmakers are tackling the debt crisis with time running out to prevent a possible default. jay dow reports from we'll. >> house speaker john boehner is reworking the republican debt plan. a republican from some members of his own party. and word that it did not deliver all of its promised
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cuts, forced him to delay bringing the bill to the house floor. now, some conservative lawmakers seem to be getting behind the rewrite. >> i've moved from lean no, undecided to lean yes. >> having this president and democrat continue on their spending spree. >> there is no alternative that we think could pass the house. >> reporter: senate democrats continue to balk at the republican plan, charging the tea party is dictating its terms. >> we captain let a small bloc of house republicans lead the whole nation off a cliff. >> reporter: the democrats' competing plan also fell short of delivering all of the promised savings in its budget review. the main difference with the gop plan is that it raises the debt limit in one step, instead of two. >> there's only one bill in congress that is a true compromise. we're running out of time. it's time to get serious about finding that compromise. >> reporter: both sides need to reach an agreement before next
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tuesday, or the government could face a downgrading of its credit rating and run out of money to pay its bills. the white house continues to push democrats and republicans to work out a deal the president will sign. jay dow, cbs news, washington. and the debt talks have wall street on edge. dow down 198 points. s&p off 27. nasdaq down 75. and coming up all new at 6:30, president obama urged americans to call their congressional representatives about the debt debate. so are marylanders doing that? wjz went to washington to find out. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. no justice. a local boxer puts up the ultimate fight to beat criminal charges. i'm mary bubala. that story just ahead on eyewitness news. a biker killed in a hit-and- run accident. i'm megan mccorkell with new clues that could help crack the case. i'm mike schuh, forest hill. how can a box stuffed with electrical wires make 500 homeowners here happy?
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i'll tell you when we return. and sunny and pleasant summer evening. stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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police believe that's what the driver it. investigators have just released this composite sketch of that woman who was wearing pink medical jubes at the time of the crash. witnesses say she was behind the people of a dark-colored ford escape or jeep liberty. trafers snod grass worked at this car wash. >> never missed a day. he was like here an hour before and 20 minutes after. >> reporter: he used a bike to get to work. and he wasn't the only psyche lift struck that morning. >> reporter: just three miles away on crain avenue, 41-year- old marco garcia was also hit. and that driver fled, too. >> reporter: now, police are sounding the alarms, warning everyone to pay attention. >> it's certainly one of those messages we want to get out to folks, share the road with each other. >> it is so easy for a car to just cut you off because they're not thinking of you. >> reporter: now police just
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hope they find this woman to give hernandez's family some peace. >> reporter: we've learned hernandez was helping his girlfriend take care of two young children. he had been working at that car wash for about a year and a half. vic? >> very sad story. anyone who recognizes that woman from that composite sketch is asked to call police right away. media partner, the baltimore sun. federal agents raided the elite spa on bel air and overleah. investigators say it was used as a spa. the investigation stretches into several other states. tempers flared, along with temperatures in a fast-growing area of baltimore and harford this weekend. scores of people lost their power over the weekend. bge promised a quick fix. but homeowners are skeptical. >> reporter: this weekend, in forest hills, 500 sweltering
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homeowners. >> it has been unbearable. it has been absolutely unbearable. >> reporter: a fast-growing area. there's enough power getting to these homes. but when something goes wrong, there aren't enough backup wires to keep the power on. >> the most frustrating part is we can't seem to get a correct answer, or a definitive answer from bge on exactly what they're doing. >> reporter: bge tried to bring power in from another line. but with the heat. >> customers order -- pressure on that line. those transfers were not holding. >> reporter: not only hot, but out of water, too. these people are on wells. their pumps need electricity. bge says it's been working for years to fix this particular problem. >> bge certainly understands our customers' frustration, particularly when the weather was hot. >> reporter: five days after the heat wave, the switch is thrown on a long-plan solution. the cable fist in this box can help. >> they will give us more
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options for rerouting power to continue to serve customers if there is a problem on a particular line. >> reporter: for 44 to 48 hours, bruce parker's power was out. his home was in the mid-90s. he's skeptical. >> we really have no idea. sounds good on paper. but there's really no way of knowing if it's going to work properly or not. >> reporter: bge says this says this is just the first step. $5 million or more are yet to come. back to you on tv hill. and bge says it will hold a public meeting in august to detail public improvements. >> can you imagine that on friday. >> okay. let's take a look. you might need it this friday, i'm sure. probably tomorrow as well. 89. but the dew point is very low. humidity only 31%. north winds at 5. come back and take a look at more meet and humidity, ,,,,
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another live look outside right now. skies look pretty good. >> if it could stay this way. >> around 38 to almost 40,000 feet. way up there. it's very cold. in fact, a 90-degree day. it's zero degrees. yeah. zero degrees. that cold. that's fahrenheit, too.
6:23 pm
take a look at temperatures now. nothing like that. it's 89 down here on the ground. but the dew point is low, at 55 degrees. so what that 55 indicates, that's where the clouds are beginning to form. 55 degrees. in other words, that's where the air condenses to form moisture or water droplets where it's 55 degrees. that's essentially what it means. and the biggest spread means the more comfortable you're going to be. today, with that dew point, 75, believe me, you will be really perspiring big time. unfortunately, by friday, i think the dew point is probably going to be around sept, maybe 72. and temperature, mid- to upper 90s. means it's going to feel like 100 to 105 on friday afternoon. which means we'll probably have a heat advisory, but not anything beyond that at this point. 77 in oakland. 92, d.c. locally, mid- to upper 80s as you can see in a few places at the 90-degree mark. north winds, very light. nice dry air mass.
6:24 pm
tomorrow, the winds are going to start turning back to the south and southwest. ahead of the front. with heat and humidity back here to the southwest. start moving our direction. tomorrow will be a few degrees warmer than today. friday afternoon, probably upper 90s and sticky. there may be a thunderstorm that will help cool things down, briefly at least. that's what we're hoping for. essentially, the hot and humid weather will return for about two to three days. by saturday night, this front approaches and more storms possible. and a little cooler as you think for sunday. we have a new tropical storm don, each tho our don is on vacation. this don is moving north of the yucatan between cuba and mexico. heading to the north/northwest. just minimal at 45 miles an hour. all of the models seem to have it going right through the southern texas coast. actually, this could be very beneficial for texas. they've had such a heat and
6:25 pm
drought this summer. south winds, 5 to 10 knots on the bay. bay temp at 84 degrees. tonight, clear. a few high clouds. 66, comfortable once again. but tomorrow, a little warmer. 93. and also a little more humid than this afternoon. i think you'll probably feel like 95 tomorrow. rather than the upper 80s, which we had this afternoon. >> okay. >> well, thank you, bob. stir style to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. >> i'm alex demetrick. coming up, more than just a summer job. see why, as eyewitness news continues. drug gang assassin. he admits killing several people. and he's only a teenager. tonight, he learns his fate. dramatic new video of a bombing in norway. as police learn their resp,,,,,,
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it is just before 6:30. 89 degrees and sunny. good evening. thanks story -- for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight.
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newly released video shows the horror aftera bom -- after a bomb is set off in the heart of the city in oslo, norway. police are responding to criticism that they were too slow to respond to the attacks. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the force of friday's bomb blast in central oslo. it shattered store windows and sent workers and shoppers running. the bomb killed at least eight, and badly damaged the prime minister's office building. confessed mass murderer, andres brevick, then traveled to a youth camp on an island, about 25 miles away. he hunted down and killed 68 young victims before police arrived. 90 minutes later. >> i don't think we had any chance to be there. any faster than we made it. >> reporter: the only police helicopter crew was on vacation. and the first boat offices tried to take off the island broke down. >> reporter: norway's prime minister says an independent commission will investigate the attack. >> reporter: he vowed norwegians will fight back
6:30 pm
against the shooter's mission. >> violence should not be met with violence. but violence shall be met with openness, democracy, and tolerance. >> reporter: the 32-year-old suspect says he was trying to save europe from muslims. >> reporter: officers are now searching his farm for more evidence. they found more explosives on the property, and detonated them. much of norway is trying to get back to normal. some cabinet ministers return to work near the bombed out government building. >> i'm going to use my ordinary office today. >> reporter: many are determined to show the gunman and any others like him, they will not let terrorists keep them from living. anna metranga, cbs news, oslo. >> reporter: now, norway is beginning to release the names of the victims killed in the attack. including a teenager and a medic on the island. now, an american-born
6:31 pm
teenaged gang executioner is sentenced in mexico. the juvenile court judge found edgar lugo, guilty of multiple murders. the teen was sentenced to three years in jail. the maximum allowed by state law. lugo admits being a member of a drug gang, killing four and kidnapping three others. he was arrested last december, while attempting to nigh to his motor's home -- fly to his mother's home in san diego. police in northern virginia are looking for the man behind the string of attacks inside a shopping mall. the man has slashed at least five women in the buttocks at the fair oaks ma. the most -- mall. the most recent was monday night. all of the women have been in their late teens or early 20s. could the u.s. go into default for the first time in history? it appears more and more likely, as democrats and republicans can't reach a deal. a congressional budget office found that it didn't deliver
6:32 pm
all of its promised cuts. the democrat plan also fell short of delivering the promised savings. the great u.s. debt debate continues to occupy congress, the president and as political reporter pat warren explains, the people at home as well. >> reporter: maryland voters raised the roof over the federal debt ceiling. >> thank you very much for calling. and congressman harris especially thanks you for taking time to call. >> reporter: president obama urges voters to pick up the phone. >> if you want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit, let your member of congress know. if you believe we can solve this problem through compromise, send that message. >> and they get an earful. >> good afternoon. congressman ruppersberger's office. >> the president goes on tv, tells americans to contact congress people. what happens in your office? >> you would like to support representative connie mack's plan for that reduction?
6:33 pm
>> they're steering more toward increasing the debt limit. at least we received 35 calls on this issue. only three asked the congressman not to raise the debt limit. so i certainly think that in our district, there's reporting an increase. they want us to avoid a default crisis. >> reporter: democrat dutch ruppersberger is still getting calls. so is andy harris. >> generally, we receive around 100 calls a day or so. and in the last 48 hours, we have been receiving more than 500 calls a day. >> reporter: and it appears the voters are mainly siding with their parties. >> a lot of calls are asking the congressman to stay strong, to stand for his principles. to stop spending in washington and to balance the budget. >> reporter: it's been said, you know you've reached a true compromise when neither side is happy. well, no agreement has been arrived at yet. and everybody is unhappy. reporting from washington, d.c., i'm pat warren, back to you on tv hill.
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>> and both offices also report a spike in e-mails. imagine, if you will, spending seven months of your life in the baltimore city detention center, held for a crime you did not commit. mary joins us now with one young man's story. >> denise, that is exactly what happened to teen boxer deon johnson. and tonight, he tells me where she's -- why he's in the fight of his life to make up for lost time. >> reporter: 17-year-old deon johnson, in west baltimore, a rising star in the world of boxing is on the path to the 2012 summer olympics, when his dream takes a big hit. in 2009, deon is badly hurt in an incident with city police. he accuses officers of knocking him off an illegal dirt bike. >> i had back pain. >> reporter: deon sues the officers, wins a court battle and a $42,000 settlement with city police. as deon was recovering, hoping to get back in the ring pursue
6:35 pm
his olympic dreams, he says he was sucker punched. city cops arrested him for the attempted murder of his friend. >> reporter: his attorney claims the arrest was direct retaliation for victory in the dirt bike incident. >> it was the most disgusting charge in the most disgusting situation that i have ever imagined from the baltimore city police department. >> reporter: deon says officers taunted him about the money he had won, saying he'd never get out of prison to spend it. >> just was talking about my lawsuit situation. so i already knew from that how it was going from that situation. >> the officer who investigated mr. johnson in this case acted more like mobsters. >> reporter: for seven long months, the frustration grew behind bars. away from his family, he missed the birth of his daughter. shortly after deon's arrest, a witness and the victim both said the shooter was not deon.
6:36 pm
the case against him was unraveling. >> they were trying to destroy him, trying to destroy his career. trying to destroy him as a father. as a friend. as a son. >> reporter: then, on monday, july 11th, the morning of deon's trial, prosecutors drop all charges. >> reporter: deon, how does it feel to be a free man? >> it's the best feeling in my life. just knowing that i get to me see my family, my daughter. and get back in the ring. >> he suffered tremendously. and there wasn't a single day that he was in there that it was just "okay "to be in there. every day of being in prison is a living hell. >> reporter: mary but bubala, wjz eyewitness news. >> despite repeating calls, the baltimore police department did not want to comment on the story, nor did the city state's attorney's office. back to you, denise. >> thank you, mary. deon's attorney plans to file
6:37 pm
another lawsuit against the department for retaliatory arrest and unlawful detention. a family is suing a prominent area private school because they say he failed to protect their son from years ever harassment. and talking about the 2011 season. for these stories and much more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. takes work to keep maryland's outdoors great. some of that is being taken on by teenagers who have never been in the woods before. >> whether it's the solitude of a wooded trail. or the upkeep of a playground, like the one up at castro valley state park in catonsville, providing recreation takes perspiration.
6:38 pm
>> these last couple of days have been really, really hot. work doesn't really close down at all. it can be raining hot. >> and work goes on for 300 teenagers working on maryland's conservation job corps. spread out over six counties, for many, this is their first exposure to the outdoors. >> of some of them get off the bus. they're scared to death. but by the second or third week, they're old pros. >> reporter: whether it's leveling ground or finishing up a new storage shed for park equipment, teens aged 14 to 17. >> can you imagine having extra hands doing conservation projects. thingthingies -- things we love to do. >> you like it? >> it's pretty fun. >> keep losing weight? >> getting stronger. >> that helps add up. over the past four years, the parks department estimates it saved $1 million in contract
6:39 pm
costs. >> it's got to be 6 1/2 from the bottom. >> reporter: and the teens pick up basic skills and a little summer money. and something else. >> reporter: i just feel that people should treat their environment with more respect than they do. and -- because this is underestimated. and to think that it's woods ask trees. but -- and trees. but it's much more than that. >> alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> it's not all work, during the six-week program. jobs members also get to enjoy the parks with camping and rafting trips. >> they will not forget this for a long time. still to come. cell phones and cancer. how worried should you be if your children use them? caught on tape. stealing a back hoe. did they get away with the crime? bob turk in the first warning weather. hot end to the week. i'll have the exclusive five- day forecast. wjz is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for all of the day's news and the updated forecast, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a man in prime prairie goes to extreme measures measures to steal an atm. the thief drove a stolen back
6:43 pm
hoe to the front of the store, taking down a wall. wasn't able to get to the atm. police are still searching for the suspect. in tonight's health watch report, easing concerns about cell phone use and radiation. a new study finds they do not increase the use of brain cancer in children. >> reporter: like most of her friends, 11-year-old rebecca greenwald has a cell phone. >> i like to call my mom, you know, after activities. text my friends. see what they're doing. >> reporter: her mother knew there could be a link between radiation from cell phones and brain tumors, but wasn't concerned. >> one of those, if everybody is doing it, it must not be that bad. >> no. it's jordan. >> reporter: she was happy to hear the new study that finds
6:44 pm
cell phone use does not increase the risk of brain cancer in children and teens. researchers looked at hundreds of brain cancer patients and found they were not near likely to have regular cell phone usage. >> reporter: but the study doesn't -- only looks at childhood usage, and doesn't look at long-term usage. >> the question is, when a child begins using a cell phone at age 7 or 12, at 47, after four decades of using cell phone, are they at higher risk of developing brain cancer? >> reporter: expert says if you're concerned, use an ear piece or the phone's speaker. cheryl greenwald isn't concerned because her daughter mostly texts. and only uses the sill phone to call her. -- cell phone to call her. >> i like knowing she's okay.
6:45 pm
>> cheryl likes her independence but also knows that help is just a phone call away. in may aircraft world health -- a world healthcare foundation found it to be possible to have risk to brain cancer, putting it in the same category as coffee, engine exhaust, and chloroform. is it too late ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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another very pleasant summer evening. a live look outside. you should enjoy it while it lasts. >> meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk have a look at what we can expect. >> we start out we head through the after. temperatures start to creep up a little bit. a little muggier. but nothing all that extreme. here's going to be warmer tomorrow. and also, a little here humid than we've seen the last 24 hours. but by friday.
6:49 pm
still have the advisory friday and saturday. better chance on sunday, as we get back to 92. and 92 drying out on monday as well. denise? >> all right. thank you, bob. still to come to eyewitness news oants. joe flacco reacts to the decision to release ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
a lovely day. the players showing up. and mark is there with the wjz the fan sports report. >> we've got an update on practice. they will be on the field tomorrow afternoon. the first team practice for ravens fans. and good news for the fans. at the stadium, m&t bank stadium, saturday, august sixth. gates will open practice. it is free and open to the public. earlier, we heard from joe flacco, upcoming words from him. flacco says he did not expect to be playing this year without his two favorite receivers. barring a reworked contract or return to ravens, todd heap, the long-time tight end is gone. he's a salary cap cut. and same holds true for wide
6:53 pm
receiver derrick mason. the quarterback reacted publicly to the moves for the first time. >> so definitely shocked to hear about it. you know, those guys are both friends of might be, -- of mine and both good targets on the fooled. i feel for them -- on the field. i feel for them and hope to get them back. at the end of the day, you start practice up. and you go out there and you're trying to be successful and getting the young guys up to speed. >> reporter: lots of transactions in the football league, including reports about two free agent reports. free agent quarterback josh wilson and wide receiver donte stallworth have both reportedly agreed to play for deals to play for the redskins. who is going to be throwing the passes down in washington, d.c.? well, it's not going to be donovan mcnabb. there are multiple reports that the veteran is headed to trade
6:54 pm
the draft pick. also, receiver santonio homes agrees to a $50 million, free agent deal to stay with the jets. $24 million guaranteed for holmes. you can follow all of the free agent movement on our website, all of the transactions charted on the free agent tracker. to baseball now, the orioles are in toronto to condition their road trip. they blasted the blue jays in the series opener last night. and in the process, they knocked out the top home run hitter in the majors. jose batista. batista avoided serious injury on this incident but did have to leave the game. he is back in the lineup tonight, for toronto after that scare. alfredo simone will pitch for the orioles tonight. outstanding pitching by irving santana. this afternoon, the angels' right-hander with a no-hitter.
6:55 pm
the final out is a fly ball. l.a. celebrates the no-hitter. santana had 10 strikeouts. the only base runners allowed to reach, via a walk and error. more on the ravens with the o's, tonight at 11:00. o's, tonight at 11:00. we'll see you at 10:00. ,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. that's it for us tonight. we will be back at 11:00. i'm vic carter. >> for bob and mark, i'm denise carter. don't go away, there is much more ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, including up next on the cbs evening news. is it too late to save america's credit rating? the question people are asking across the country and the world. we take you now to new york. and bob schieffer in for scott pelley with >> tonight, is it too late to save america's credit rating? even if the government does not default, america's bond rating may still be downgraded, which
6:59 pm
could stop the recovery in its tracks. y mandy clark in kandahar, afghanistan's most dangerous city. she comes under attack while wearing a berka. >> reporter: another stone was just thrown at me-- ow! >> just today the city's mayor was assassinated in a brazen attack. cell phone safety-- to all those minutes add up to health problems for kids? dr. jon lapook reports. and it's a place where wounded warriors learn to hope again. david martin on the closing of walter reed. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: exwfg. scott's off tonight. i'm bob schieffer. the fallout from washington's inability to find a solution to the budget crisis and raise the debt limit has, apparently, begun. on wall street, the stock market was down for the third day
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